We specialize in custom designs. Want your family name, monogram, business logo, or specific meaningful design on the wall or bottom of your pool? Setup a free call with one of our designers. We can accept certain types of files, or help you create anything you like. We will share proofs and once you sign off we create a special file using our software that then gets custom cut by our machinery. The options are endless. Email Tommy@SplashArtDecor.com and one of our designers will get back to you in the order your request was made.


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Building your own terrarium



1. Prepare the site for design placement. You want to ensure the surface is clean. If
applying underwater ensure there is no buildup, scrub the area with a small wash rag, or
2. DO NOT GET THE PAPER BACKING WET. While in the pool dry your hands and peel the
paper backing away. Place product sticky side out on your hand and prepare to dive, or
place on vinyl wall.
3. Apply from the center and push out toward the edges. Be gentle, take your time and
allow the product to layout as it is supposed to look. Rub over every area with your
thumb to ensure adhesion and eliminate any air bubbles.
4. Enjoy!


1. Using the removal tool available on our site, gently push at the edge of the product to
get an edge up.
2. Once you have the edge up grab it with your fingers and slowly push the tool along as
you peel it back until its totally removed. If any small pieces remain repeat process
using tool.
3. Take care to not rip product off of surfaces aggressively. They are fully removable even
after overwintering in your pool. If you do not follow these instructions, you could
damage the application site.
Multipacks: To cover stains cut to desired size, and or shape. Use same instructions as listed

*Cut stain cover to a minimum of ¼ inch larger than the stain for proper adhesion.
**Stains can cause damage to your liner. Make sure the stain cover comes in contact with a smooth part of your liner on all side of stain.

Tips and precautions: These can be placed on wet/underwater vinyl surfaces. These include pool’s, floats/toys, kiddie pools, and spas.

Can be applied to a multitude of other surfaces, please see website under FAQs for additional surface applications. Including helpful design suggestions and specific way to apply certain shapes, and larger sizes.

UV rays degrade pool liners every year. If you leave the product on for any significant length of time there may be a “shadow” left once removed.

This “shadow” will fade over time and become less visible as the UV rays continue to fade your liner and or plastic