We specialize in custom designs. Want your family name, monogram, business logo, or specific meaningful design on the wall or bottom of your pool? Setup a free call with one of our designers. We can accept certain types of files, or help you create anything you like. We will share proofs and once you sign off we create a special file using our software that then gets custom cut by our machinery. The options are endless. Email Tommy@SplashArtDecor.com and one of our designers will get back to you in the order your request was made.


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Gunite and infinity edge products are not for retail sale at this time Patent pending.  They will be available for retail sale in the near future.

Patent Pending

Our Patent Pending formulation allows you to place these underwater to vinyl and plastics, or some wet surfaces. You can dive down and place. They stand up to all maintenance, but are removable!! Decide you want to change your designs every week, or year no problem! Want to decorate for a themed party, or for kids birthdays add a special touch for the event and remove the next day if you like. This innovation allows you to add decor without draining or waiting for chemicals to wear off. Instantly apply and swim. Not only for pools they can be used in spas and even during bath time. Make your pool more unique and keep swimming and bathing more FUN!