We specialize in custom designs. Want your family name, monogram, business logo, or specific meaningful design on the wall or bottom of your pool? Setup a free call with one of our designers. We can accept certain types of files, or help you create anything you like. We will share proofs and once you sign off we create a special file using our software that then gets custom cut by our machinery. The options are endless. Email Tommy@SplashArtDecor.com and one of our designers will get back to you in the order your request was made.


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Building your own terrarium

Application/removal tool for vinyl and sensitive surfaces

Removal tool that is soft and pliable with no hard or sharp edges, but does come to a very thin edge.  It is made from a specifically chosen type of plastic designed to easily remove all products from Splash Art Decor.  This item is ideal for applying/removing any design or stain cover without damaging your vinyl or plastic surfaces.  Please do not use just any type of tool that looks similar.  You can also refer to our instructions on proper use, and review it in our FAQ section.